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Lifestyle and behaviour change

BA (hons) Public Health and Community Studies
Assignment Brief
Module Title:
Lifestyle and behaviour chnage
Assignment Type:

Module Learning Outcomes

3.Appraise the impact of social, cultural and historical influences on lifestyle behaviour and their implications on health and wellbeing

2 Review the rationale for promoting positive lifestyle behaviour to improve health and well-being for individuals and society
4.Outline and explain a range of approaches and theoretical models of health promotion designed to improve lifestyle behaviour and health.

5.Assess a range of factors that relate to reasons why behaviour change may occur

Required Task

Written report
Assignment Brief


Following the success of your recent health promotion resource locally for your vulnerable group that you completed in assessment 1, you have been asked to produce a report so that this campaign can be delivered on a national level.
• Women suffering post natal depression


Produce a written report that critically examines the effectiveness of health promotion methods designed to change lifestyle behaviour and improve health and wellbeing in the UK.

Points to consider

• The impact of social, cultural and historical influences on lifestyle behaviour of individuals from this group
• How can this lifestyle impact on their health and wellbeing?
• Why should we promote health and wellbeing of this group?
• What are the benefits for society?
• Outline at least 2 health promotion approaches that could be used.
• Outline at least 2 theoretical models of health promotion.
• Give reasons why these people may change their lifestyle behaviour
• How successful are the methods that can be used to support behaviour change

Identify primary and secondary research methods

Make sure you refer to a variety of sources in your assignment – do not just cite websites, as this demonstrates a very limited range of research skills. Using a mixture of academic books, journals and good websites will produce the best results and credit will be given for quality of sources used.

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