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Some East coast dialects have additional diphthongs in inventory, like [?j].
Based on the data below, argue if [?j] and [aj] are contrastive or in complementary distribution and why you think so. If the two sounds are contrastive, provide evidence why you think so. If the two sounds are in complementary distribution, (a) specify the distribution of allophones in a formal phonological rule and (b) be clear about what the underlying phoneme is and why you think so. Please show your work to assure at least partial credit.

Pronounced token Gloss
1. [b?jt] ‘bite’
2. [tajm] ‘time’
3. [baj] ‘buy’
4. [rajd] ’ride’
5. [najn?] ‘ninth’
6. [fajl] ‘file’
7. [wr?jt] ‘write’
8. [b?jk] ‘bike’
9.[f?jt] ‘fight’
10.[taj] ‘tie’
11.[t?jp] ‘type’
12.[r?js] ‘rice’
13.[rajz] ‘rise’
14.[fajr] ‘fire’
15.[l?jf] ‘life’
16.[bajd] ‘bide’

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