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Develop a workforce plan for an organization (you may choose an organization which you are familiar with) based on research of current staff turnover, staffing needs, external labour supply, labour supply trends and organizational policies.
Required format details: Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing of 2.

? A brief description of the organization, including the number of employees, the products or services
it offers and any key features
? Current workplace analysis
? A contingency plan
? Strategies for monitoring the plan
? Strategies for evaluating the changes
? Evidence to show worker satisfaction
? Recommendations for improvement in workforce management
? A workforce plan including workforce objectives/goals and strategies for managing:
o Recruitment
o Redundancies
o Redeployment
o Retirements
o Workforce diversity and cross-cultural management
o Industrial relations issue
? Attachments that clearly show
o Data relating to staff turnover
o An assessment of current workforce needs
o A skills audit identifying current skills of workers
o Labour force analysis methods used to forecast labour supply trends(e.g. through historical
o A snapshot view of the diversity of current workforce
o Communication with senior management, such as reports or an application for support
o Communication with staff, such as an agenda for a meeting to discuss changes or a
satisfaction survey.

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