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Marketing plan of lingerie brand le Blanc

Individual: 3000 word report with critical analysis – 60% of the overall unit grade
An individual 3,000 word report showing a coherent and comprehensive analysis of product design, development, production and commercialization options within the fashion industry.

The brand name is Le Blanc. Its luxury lingerie brand.
Founded in 2015 , le Blanc empowers women to celebrate and enjoy their sensuality. Offering lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, beauty, and luggage, we believe in beautiful design and exceptional quality. Provocative, but always leaving something to the imagination, le Blanc has a very British sense of style and humour. Price range 400-600 dollars.

We need to count the price of production including factory producing and price for materials then rent price of shop etc…
Price range 400-600 dollars.

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