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MK2003 – Marketing Principles for Business

2015-16 – Semester 2 – Assignment 1

Assignment 1 consists of one of the following choice of essays which count for 60% of the module assessment.
1. Discuss the extent to which an understanding of marketing would be of use to organisations other than businesses.

2. Discuss the ways that changing technology impacts on Integrated Marketing Communications.

3. Using recent and current examples, explain how an understanding of motivation theory can be useful to marketers.

Length 2000 words (+ or – 10% deviation is acceptable)

Submission deadline 12 noon on Tuesday 15th March 2016
Assignment to be submitted using Turnitin. The assignments will be marked by Vera Baker-Bradbury. Please ensure that you keep an electronic copy of the work to be made available if necessary.

Assessment Criteria

Clarity of explanation of chosen topic 30%
Coherence and logic of argument in discussion of usefulness 40%
and limitations of the topic Demonstration of quality relevant research 20%
Correct Harvard style referencing 10%
The essay questions are designed to cover module learning outcomes 1- 3 together with the end of module in the case study.

1 Understand the nature of marketing and its role within business
2 Appreciate how the marketing function operates within business organisations
3 Understand how organisations can use the marketing mix to influence consumers/customers

Assignment guidance

1. Answer the question set.
The wording is NOT ‘Write an essay on anything you know about topic X’

2. Note the weighting in the criteria given to the quality of your research. Spend time looking for good quality material. This can come from a variety of sources, but look especially for relevant articles in academic journals.

2. Reference carefully. Marks are allocated for correct referencing. Very poor referencing can result in a zero mark for plagiarism.

3. See MIP for guidance on plagiarism and late submission.

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