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Peace in Western Political Philosophy and International Relations
Question: Critically discuss UN or EU peace-building policies from the perspective of critical peace studies, referring to post-liberal, phenomenological, or feminist approaches.

Needs to be at least a first, the quality must speak for itself and be original 100% plagiarism free.

Needs to contain a methodology for around 400 words (i.e. what method is used before the essay is started, what the thinking behind the essay is before its started).

introduction and conclusion should be brief but concise. and the essay should flow really smoothly being a 1st degree third year essay.

My last order in this topic area failed with a 35, if this one does the same or the quality isn’t a 1st class I will simply not be ordering again and will tell others not to do the same.

Please ensure this doesn’t happen.

Please follow themes in the paper and have each section clearly labeled with subheadings.

Needs to follow this order (notes from lecture)
1) research question
2) understanding your research question and exploring its implications. (HOW YOU INTEROPERATE THE question you need to explain how you see the question)
3) coming up with argument/thesis/hypothesis
4) reflecting upon the methodology you use discussing and researching your argument. i.e. the “way” of..
5) PRoviding reasons/rationales/evidence for your argument.
6) Conclusion/Summary

Use amount of sources needed, not necessarily 16 but for a 1st it should be critical, every point made needs to be developed, and counter arguments need to be present for the point running through the essay as a theme for a first class mark, if its not then please don’t bother, I won’t use it. The whole thing must NOT have any mistakes in it I am paying for a VIP package. e
Please let me know if you need anything. I am allocating 7 days for this to be top quality, again if it fails this, I will not return. Thank you.

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