PICO Analysis of Research

PICO Analysis of Research

Consider the practice problem you addressed in this week’s Discussion. (You may select a new issue if necessary, but it is not recommended.)

Review the guidelines in the Literature Review Matrix, included in the Learning Resources. Formulate a research question around your issue as indicated in Part I. Then complete Part II of the Matrix, identifying the resources you will use, search terms and criteria, and Boolean search strings.

Using the Library, locate 10 articles related to your research question. At least one article must be a systematic review. All of the articles should be primary sources. NOTE: If appropriate, you may use the articles you reviewed for this week’s Discussion

Now Complete Part I to IV of the Literature Review Matrix template attached.

Literature Review Matrix

Part I: PICO Analysis of Research Topic

P: Patient or Population

I: Anticipated Intervention

C: Comparison group or Current standard

O: Outcome desired

Source: Adapted from Elkins (2010)

Step 1: Frame your clinical question using the PICO method.





Part II: Search Strategy

Using the Library and other appropriate databases, locate ten scholarly articles that pertain to a practice issue of interest to you and that is appropriate for an evidence-based practice project.

Step 1: Identify the resources you will utilize, or utilized, to find articles that pertain to your topic

Electronic Databases    Research or Professional Organizations    Experts in the field to consult    Books, encyclopedias, handbooks

Step 2: Identify search terms and criteria

Key words & phrases    Major authors    Inclusion criteria    Exclusion criteria

Step 3: Identify Boolean search strings

Part III: Analysis of Literature

Step 1: Summarize the ten (10) articles you select from your search efforts completing the table below.

Summary Table of Analyzed Articles (you may determine your own headings)
Citation    Conceptual Framework/ Theory    Main finding    Research method    Strengths of study    Weaknesses    Level of Evidence

Step 2: Briefly summarize the history and purpose of your research question.

Step 3: Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of existing literature.

Strengths    Weaknesses

Step 4: What gap exists in the current literature? Explain.

Part IV: Identify the influence of empiricism on quantitative research methodology. Discuss its applicability to evidenced-based practice projects.

Elkins, M. Y. (2010). Using PICO and the brief report to answer clinical questions. Nursing, 40(4), 59-60.


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