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/#please write the Procedure of the experiment in new words in one page

2/#please write in one page a result and discussion about the experiment that is attached ( the data and charts are provided )
Some keys to help writing the results and discussion from these analysis’s:
*Determine the P controller term, PI Controller term, and the PID Controller term.
*Using this spreadsheet, determine the steady-state error that is associated with each. Determine the characteristics of each system, ie: Time Constant, Settling time, Percent Overshoot (%OS),Dampening Ratio (?), Natural Frequency (?).
*Discuss the effect of P, PI, and PID on the related system characteristics.
*What are the strengths and weakness of each control regime?
*What are some possible causes for error in this system? If there is any steady-state error, why is there?
*Please describe how the VI functions and what is happening as the data moves through the system.

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