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The American Prison: Different sentencing structure

Discussion: For this assignment, you will pick ONE topic from the module’s reading that piqued your interest the most. You will do additional research to on that topic and teach your classmates about your findings.
Make sure to present at least three new facts on the topic. It may be historical perspective, it may involve new policies/laws/recent case decisions and their impacts on institutional corrections, media coverage of a certain topic in the news, additional to the mentioned in the textbook benefits/challenges of a certain concept, etc.

Chapter 50: Different sentencing structures, such as determinate, indeterminate, and mandatory minimums are used to punish offenders. Sentences are imposed by the court, however, judge’s decisions can be influenced by a variety of issues and a variety of players, such as prosecutors, victims, and/or public. Sentencing guidelines are intended to reduce disparity between sentences given for similar offenses. In United States V. Booker, the U.S. Supreme Court returned much of the discretion to federal judges taken from them in 1984 when federal sentencing guidelines were instituted. While reading this chapter, you will examine sentencing guidelines and learn how to read/use them. You should also think about the benefits/drawbacks of using those guidelines

Textbook: Prison and Jail Administration by Peter M. Carlson third edition

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