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The final project for this course is the creation of a case study analysis and strategy proposal.The purpose of this project is to analyze and critique an organization based on what is expected of a corporate strategy in regard to social responsibility. In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes: ? Critique social responsibility principles and concepts as they relate to scholarly research, evidence, and real-worldrelevance ? Analyze internal and external influences to organizational operations as they relate to the effective application of socialresponsibility ? Analyze the potential benefits and risks of the strategy planning of an organization for ensuring organizational effectiveness ? Develop strategy plans that appropriately draw from modern principles of social responsibility and are substantiated byevidence ? Assess the ethical implications of real-world issues and problems in corporate social responsibility from multiple perspectives. For this project, you will analyze the case study ITC LTD: Toward a Triple Bottom Line Performance. You will look at various aspects of both the daily operations of the company as well as management strategies to determine the impact they have on the social responsibility of the company. You will examine the impact this has on the internal and external stakeholders of the company, as social responsibility impacts them the most. Then, you will devise a revised strategy plan that addresses any gaps and risks you have identified in regard to social responsibility. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Introduction: In this part of the project, you will introduce the company present in the case study, describing the important attributes of the company that should be considered when analyzing its consideration of social responsibility. Describe the organization in the case study. In other words, how is the organization described in the case study? What are its key attributes? What are its strengths and weaknesses? II. Analysis of Social Responsibility: In this part of the project, you will begin your analysis of the case study, examining how the strategy plan of the organization in the case study considers social responsibility. a) Analyze the organization’s strategy plan for compliance with the current acceptable standards or norms relative to social responsibilitytoday. b) Analyze the organization’s strategy plan for any gaps in social responsibility that might be potential risks to internal and externalstakeholders. c) Predict the potential positive and negative impacts to internal and external stakeholders regarding social responsibility that would result from the strategy

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