The Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexuality

The Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexuality

Over the last several weeks, we’ve discussed the ways in which a politics of difference and visibility defines identity in the context of subcultures, race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and social activism.  This assignment asks you to make an argument about identity construction and a politics of difference directed towards social change by analyzing either of the following in conjunction with ONE related and relevant reading (see below):

•    An artist’s official music video* of your choice found on youtube/vimeo

•    A social media artifact* tied to an identity issue that calls for change or action (this could be a Tumblr or Instagram or Reddit or Twitter or a specific hashtag that is in wide distribution)

Your essay should
o    Be driven by a clear and cogent thesis about your media choice (visuals, text/lyrics, etc.) and its construction and representation of identity (subculture, race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality) and or social change/activism
o    Examine how a politics of identity and/or social change functions as a central theme in your media choice
o    Analyze the significance of the representation of identity or the articulation of a politics of change based on your thesis
o    Support the analysis of your video or social media example with at least TWO relevant quotations from one of the readings below.  These quotations should be clearly contextualized and analyzed in relation to your thesis.

o    bell hooks, “Is Paris Burning?”
o    Sandra Lee Bartky, “Foucault, Femininity and the Modernization of Patriarchal Power”
o    Susan Douglas, excerpts from Enlightened Sexism
o    Michael Messner and Jeffrey Montez de Oca, “The Male Consumer as Loser:  Beer and Liquor Ads in Mega Sports Events”
o    Richard Dyer, “White”
o    Kobena Mercer, “Black Hair/Style Politics”
o    Stuart Hall, “Minimal Selves”
o    Clemencia Rodriguez, “From Alternative Media to Citizens’ Media”
o    Manuel Castells, “Networking Minds, Creating Meaning, Contesting Power”

Other Requirements:
o    Proofread and spell-check your paper.
o    Use parenthetical citations in the body of the paper (APA, MLA, Chicago).  No works cited page is required unless you use outside source material.

o    Adherence to the main requirements of the prompt
o    Clarity and quality of thesis around video/social media platform and issues of identity
o    Development of thesis points throughout essay
o    Close textual analysis of video or social media platform
o    Incorporation of and adequate contextualization of relevant citations from chosen course reading as specified above
o    Coherence and clarity in the writing and explanation of relevant concepts
o    Writing style, grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling


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