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The Women’sRights Movement

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1-What was the Women’s Rights Movement? How did it changes the lives of American women in the 1800s?

2-Write a letter to a leader of the Transcendental Movement, Abolition Movement, Women’s Rights Movement OR Great Awakening.

Who are you writing to? Why? Tell them you would like to join them, and how you can help. What goals do they have for the Movement?
3- What is Transcendentalism? What is Individualism? How do they both affect society before the Civil War?
4-What is the Indian Removal Act? Who supposed removal and who was opposed to it?
please use Library of Congress and National Archives with all these questions answers. answers for question 1 & 2 should be 275 words for each. question 3 & 4 should be at least 115 word for each. that mean the numbers of pages for all answers should be 3 pages. the first page for question 1 the second for question 2 and the third page included both questions 3 and 4. and please make sure to use Library of Congress and National Archives as references for the whole questions.

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