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There is no real healthcare reform with Nurse Practitioner with limited prescriptive privileges

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This discussion will focus on the measurement tools you will use to evaluate change from the intervention. The purpose of this discussion is to fine-tune your thinking about evaluation by receiving feedback from colleagues and faculty. Include in your discussion:

Write a brief description of your project that starts by stating your clinical question and succinctly explaining your planned intervention in order to orient everyone.
Will you need to develop your own evaluation tools or are valid and reliable tools available?
If you create your own tools, what are your thoughts on pilot testing them? How will you go about this?
Will you gather baseline data? Will you use pre- and posttests? How will you measure change?
How will you identify the participants for your study? How does the sampling method chosen further define the type of study you will be doing?
How will you ensure confidentiality of study participants?

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