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There is no real healthcare reform with Nurse Practitioners with limited prescriptive privileges

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Study design: Briefly describe the study design indicated by the question (experimental, quasi-experimental, descriptive).

Setting/sample: Briefly describe the setting for the study, who your study participants will be, and how these participants will be chosen. Will random sampling or a sample of convenience be used?

Confidentiality: How will you protect the confidentiality of your participants?

Procedures/intervention: Discuss the intervention you will implement and the procedures you will use in enough detail that others could replicate the study.

Instruments/scales and measurement of outcomes: Describe the instruments you will use to measure changes and whether they are quantitative, qualitative, or of a mixed design. If they have been tested previously, include reliability and validity data.

Data collection: Explain plans for data collection including:

Methods of collection, i.e., interviews, paper and pencil testing, etc.

Testing frequency. Will you gather baseline data prior to the intervention? Will you employ repeated measures such as pre- and posttests?

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Described study design
Described the setting and study participants
Described protection of participants’ confidentiality
Detailed description of intervention and procedures
Described measurement instruments to be used
Explained plans for data collection in detail
Used current APA style guidelines consistently and accurately.

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