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Unit Three Confidentiality and Legal Implications

Paper details:


1. Be sure to submit your homework answers in a .doc .docx .txt .pdf or .rtf file.

2. Immediately upon submission check to make sure that your homework was, in fact, successfully submitted and in an appropriate file type.

3. When you take words and definitions directly from a source such as the Florida Statutes or the module, use quotation marks and cite the source. Do NOT simply cut and paste a chunk of information — pull out the specific answer to the question. If you cite material word for word, put it in quotation marks and cite, and try to reword and paraphrase when appropriate.

Homework Questions

50 Points
1.What is meant by privileged communication? (Explain)
2.Who is the holder of the privilege? (Just answer in one sentence)
3.Who are legally considered “Mandatory Reporters” in Florida when there is reason to suspect abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable population?
4.Legally, other than children, are there any other groups for whom psychologists need to report suspected abuse or neglect? Explain in detail.
5.Who can initiate involuntary examination?
6.What is a subpoena? How does a psychologist handle one?
7.What is the “Duty to Warn”? Discuss when it applies and to whom does it apply?
8.How does the “Duty to Warn” relate to the Tarasoff case?
9.How is a “reasonably foreseeable victim” defined?
10.What is meant by “imminent danger”? Explain precisely what is meant by it and give a short example.

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