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What is a behavioural phenotype? Using an example (you could use a case study) explain why identifying and understanding a behaviour phenotype is important in the assessment and management of a person with a genetic cause of intellectual disability.

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You are required to:
• Identify your learning objectives
• Define the nature and scope of your project
• Research your topic
• Write your report
• Describe how you will incorporate what you have learnt into your professional practice/activities.

The report should be between 1500 and 3000 words including:
• Statement of your learning objectives
• Project scope
• Report
• Reflections on how you will apply your new learning to your practice of psychiatry and/or in your role as a psychiatrist
• In text citations and reference list – please see relevant university guides on citations, referencing and plagiarism

You may submit a:
• Reflective journal of how you have applied you new learning to your practice of psychiatry and/or your role as a psychiatrist
• Case history
• Targeted literature review
• Critique of public policy or service delivery models

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