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bio behavior poem “why”

Why: Because this is how we come; because it is all life about; because it is a nature of life; because it is how I communicate with people I love; because it also could be a way for me to know someone that I don’t know; because I can use it as a path to convey my ideas; because it can be a way for me to let people know how good I am; because it is mysterious; because you won’t be have to find it everywhere on the street; because people view it preciously; because people use that for making money; because it is very valuable; because not everyone have the ability to make it good; because it represents how human creature showing their vitality; because when you looses it then you are facing death; because nothing is not related to it; because it is beautiful; because everything about that shit is so wonderful; because it makes me understand the standard of beauty; because it makes me believe metempsychosis, its all in it ; because it is the biggest thing that I have discovered since I start memorizing; because both of my hands loves it; because I have good reputation on it when people talks about me; because I believe in science, but science can’t explain everything about it; because this could be religious; because it drives me crazy; because I need it; because I need it Fucking every day; because it makes me emotional; because it make me yelling Fuck; because it makes me cry; because it makes me smile; because it makes everything possible; because it is sort of magical; because it’s something that I least want to explain with science and logic; because come on; because let it be; because romantic; because that’s who I understand Relativity and “A Brief History of Time”; because I know it’s all about science, but please stop; because I enjoy it; Because you can’t replace it with human science; Because people die for it; because of Romeo and Juliet; because of Titanic; because of Farewell of my concubine; because of Brokeback Mountain; because of Oscar Wilde; because Sigmund Freud; because of Cupid; because the birth of the very first life; because I am not a gay; because maybe I am a gay, but no one knows; because I believe this is a gift from the creator or the universe; because everyone should have equal rights; because you might want to share it with me; because I love to share it with you; because no doubt it is beautiful; because I will never forget the first touch of others; because I will never forget the first touch of myself; because I am so sick about it; because some view me as master because of it; because we talk about it; because we flirt; because we found love; because we make consensus; because we build; because I am a genius; because I learn it from nowhere; because that’s maybe something will call to my mind when I’m dying; because it is a weapon; because that’s my weapon; because it could be your weapon; because it kills; because it vitalizes; because it is a way of no returns; because I have the ability of love; because I have the ability to share my soul; because; because of it; because I know I am alive.

BBH 146- Small Group Homework Why Poems Part 2 and Communication
Due: Monday April 27th

Bring your assignment with you to small group. Remember to type/word process all assignments (12 pt. type, double-spaced, 1 inch margins). Your assignment must have your name and group # at the top. Be sure that you carefully follow the directions and thoughtfully and professionally complete your assignment. (For example, check for correct spelling and grammar).
Why Poem Part 2
For this final assignment, begin to think about the sexual being that you are.  Begin by rewriting your second Why Poem.  Do not look at the first one that you wrote as you write this second one.  Next begin to compare and contrast the two poems.
In 2 pages describe the following:
What aspects of the poems have changed?  What has stayed the same?  What have you learned from this course that changes your approach to sexuality?  How have your knowledge and attitudes changed?  How have your perceptions changed?  How has your perceptions of your past experiences changed?  Are you more open and accepting?  Make reference to specific course material, discussions, or readings as you compare and contrast the two versions of the poem.
Remember that you took a sexual journey throughout the course.  Aspects of how you think about sex, sexuality, and sexual health may have changed throughout the semester.  What are those changes?
Writing the Why poem at the beginning and end of the semester gives you a way to notice changes that may have taken place over the past few months.

Communication: Methods for Raising Difficult Topics
In 2 pages, construct four different scenarios.  Each scenario should have two individuals who will be discussing a sexually related topic.
1)    You are to describe who the individuals are
2)    Their relationship to each other
3)    Who wants to bring up the conversation
4)    What is the issue that needs to be discussed
5)    Finally, give two or three specific examples of how this conversation could be started.

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