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Developing a training program

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Developing a training program to any business issue.


The objective of this assignment is to helgymppjym
m_ajor training and development concepts discussed
throughout this semester. This assignment will account for
20 % of your final grade and is due on Tuesdayflgmm,
2015. Your specific assignment includes developi_ng_a
trainingmgram to any business issue of your choice. To
further explai

First, you will need to identify w problem that you
would like to solve through training and development.
The problem has to be a problem that you think
organizations in Saudi Arabia have or perhaps a bigger
problem at the society level. It could also be a problem
that you think majority of employees or organizations
in Saudi Arabia suffer from.(5 Marks)

Second, you are expected to explain why and how do
you think training and development will help solve
this problem. (5 Marks)

Third, you are expected to create a brief training
program that will help solve this problem. While
doing so, please consider the Training and
Development’s issues and methods that have been
covered in class. You are expected to reflect on your
choice of the method by explaining the rationale
underlying your choice, the category of the chosen
method, i.e. on-the-job or off-the-job, the content of
the training method, the qualifications and skills of the
trainers, the profiles of the trainees, the method of
delivery, and expected costs and benefits of the chosen
method. (10 Marks)

This is an individual assignment. The body of your report must
use l’/2 line spacing with 12-point, Times New Roman font,
must not exceed flpggg. Title Pages, outlines, and reference
pages will not count towards your 10 pages. The paper should
have a title page, with a title, your name, and student number as
well as an outline. You can use any form of referencing as long
as you are consistent throughout.

You will be required to hand in an electronic version of your
report by Email Word or Adobe and a paper copy at the
beginning ofclass.

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