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The Strategy of International Businesses

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use Samsung Electronics establishing manufacturing units outside Korea as a case study.

Identify a target market for a product or services that Samsung makes and devise a market entry strategy for the product or service.

The assignment should make an informed analysis of the correct choice for entry of firms with only domestic experience into foreign markets. A Critical analysis of such strategy and the factors which assist / hinder its successful executive should be undertaken. Importantly exploration should be made of the product or a service to be internationalized, the right markets fit ( why the market in question was chosen ) , the nature of the market is specially any regulatory issues that may help or hinder the sale of the product and service and the route to market, ( direct sates, licensing, distribution agreement ) alternatively, for those students that work in an industry that is unlikely to globalize its business, the report can focus on a product or service, which due to the liberalization of the UK market, is coming under competitive pressure from foreign entrants.

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