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There have been many significant inventions that changed the way people live their lives. What, in your opinion, is one significant invention? How did the invention benefit people by changing their lives to the better?

Guidelines about the topic
This topic is about inventions that contributed directly to modern life.
This topic is about “changes” it made to the life of everyday people.
The topic is about how people’s lives changed for the better because of this invention.
Students who chose this topic wrote about the following inventions:
The Internet (always capitalized), the computer, the automobile, electricity, the printing press, the radio, the cell phone, television. (Do not go too far back in history to discuss the wheel and the knife, home appliances, etc…. (If you disuss home appliances, you need to discuss them collectively as one invention).
Choose an invention that is worthwhile to all people and on which you can write an essay within the required number of words.
Choose an invention that made many changes in people’s lives, but on which you can write from common knowledge.
There are some great inventions that do not fit the requirements of this essay, such as social media. Many people live their lives without using social media, but cannot live without electricity, television, or the automobile, for example.
Pay attention to that the word ‘invention’ does not mean a specific product. So you may discuss the invention of the automobile, but not a specific model or make, for example.
Differentiate between ‘society’ and ‘people.’ Do not use the word “society” in this essay. Use “people”;

Guidelines for developing the essay
Students who chose this topic wrote about the following inventions:
In the introduction define the invention and give a brief history about it. The best introduction has the name of the invention as the first word.
If you use a dictionary definition, you need to document it. Please go to the end of this section for guidelines on how to document a dictionary.
The thesis statement at the end of the introduction should contain the key words: the + name of the invention + changed the way people lived their lives in many ways.
Each topic sentence should contain the name of the invention- changed the way people (do shopping -for example)…. Then the paragraph will discuss how people did their shopping before the invention and after the invention (this is an example).

What the essay should discuss
The essay is about change and each topic sentence has to have the word “change” in it. It is about how people’s lives became different and better because of this invention. So avoid making the topic a discussion of the features or the benefits of the invention. Make it about changes in people’s lives.

What the essay cannot discuss
Do not discuss the benefits of the invention. The essay should not be about benefits. It should be about how benefits changed people’s lives.
Do not discuss the features of the invention (such as the features of the cell phone) except for mentioning the change they created. For example: “The cell phone changed the way people take pictures. Its built in camera and video enable people to take pictures without carrying a heavy object around their neck that they may or may not use.”

Do not write about specialized topics and equipment that only experts are familiar with. Write for a general audience.
Avoid writing about very old inventions such as the wheel, the boat, the alphabet, the spear, and so on.
Do not explain how it works or how it has developed. If you want to discuss those aspects, you may do so in the introduction only.
Do not discuss sophisticated equipment. Keep it simple and write from everyday life experiences.
Choose an invention that has changed the way people live, not an invention that has a limited effect, no matter how great it can be.
Do not discuss advantages and disadvantages.
This is an argumentative essay, so it has to argue one way only. You may address the counter arguments in some topics that may allow it.

Note: if you choose electricity, limit the essay to the light it created and how light changed the way people lived their lives. Avoid going into endless lists of inventions that use electricty. That would be too overwhelming.
If you want to write about a home appliance, write about how the invention of all the home appliances collectively changed the way people live their lives. For a meaningful essay, do not focus on one or a couple of appliances only.


P.S. In all essays about a general topic, do not use the pronoun ‘we’. Keep the noun ‘people’ and the pronoun ‘they.’
Use the pronouns: I, we, only in personal essays. Do not use the pronoun “they” to refer to a singular noun.
Instead of ‘we’ use: adults, people, consumers, users, etc…
If you use a dictionary definition in topic 2
Immediately after the definition, state the name of the dictionary between brackets, such as (Miriam Webster). This means that you have to add a works cited section at the end of the essay and to state the publisher, date of publication, and year of publication


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